RI Expungement Lawyer: Remove Convictions, Filings, Probation from Your Record

If you’ve been arrested in Rhode Island, it is very likely you have a criminal record.  You need your record expunged!  Having a criminal record will only be harmful and embarrassing for you and your family.  You need an experienced Rhode Island expungement attorney to remove those charges from your record as if it never happened!

An expungement is a legal term for removing a criminal charge from your record.  It permits eligible individuals to have their criminal charges removed from from public and government records. There are different waiting periods for expungements: Dismissals can be expunged immediately, Filings can be expunged after 1 year, misdemeanors can be expunged after 5 years, and felonies can be expunged after 10 years.

Many people don’t realize that even if their case is dismissed, they still have a criminal record.  Unless a lawyer actually files and argues an expungement motion in court, with proper notice to the arresting agency, attorney general, and court, your arrest will still appear in public records.  That means that future employers, educational institutions, as well as friends and family can see that you were arrested even after the charge was dismissed!

Our lawyers regularly expunge dismissals, filings, probation, convictions, and even felonies from our clients’ records in all Rhode Island courts.  We strongly advise against attempting to expunge your record by yourself or with an inexperienced attorney.  We successfully expunge criminal records daily, zealously advocating for our clients and arguing in their defense.  Don’t risk your future. Let the Rhode Island expungement attorneys at Robert E. Craven & Associates clear your criminal record today!

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