Injured in a Car Accident? | Be Prepared for Your Initial Consultation

Have you been injured in a car accident?  At Robert E. Craven & Associates, we are happy to provide you with a free consultation.  To make the most out of your personal injury consultation, you should gather the following:

  • All Relevant Documents — Bring any documentation of the accident with you.  At your initial consultation, our lawyers are trying to determine what caused your accident, the extent of your personal injuries, time out of work, and the amount of property damage that occurred.  Documents that may be helpful to your case include police reports, photographs of the vehicles and scene, medical records and bills, and any out of pocket expenses you’ve incurred.
  • Witness information — The more we can prove your car accident case, the better the outcome.  As such, our lawyers often speak with witnesses from the accident scene.  If possible, provide the names and phone numbers of any witnesses of the car accident.
  • Medical treatment — The recovery in a RI personal injury case is often based on the amount of medical treatment received and its cost.  Keep all bills and records of your medical treatment, including any co-pays and over-the-counter expenses.  The better the picture our attorneys have of your medical treatment, the more accurately we can evaluate your personal injury case.
  • A truthful account of what happened — It is absolutely crucial that you inform our attorneys of exactly what happened.  This includes information that could potentially be harmful to your case.  Rhode Island law allows recovery even if you are partially at fault and we are able to make a recovery for at-fault drivers quite often.  However, our attorneys must know the entire story so that we can effectively prepare your case and provide you with an optimal recovery.

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident in Rhode Island, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Robert E. Craven & Associates today for a free consultation!

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