Charged with DUI in Rhode Island

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Rhode Island, you should consult with anRobert Craven Top DUI Lawyer RI, AVVO Lawyer RI, DUI Lawyer RI experienced DUI attorney immediately.  Even if this is your first arrest, the assumption that you’ll get off easy is often quite incorrect.  Prosecutors in Rhode Island take DUI charges extremely seriously and obtaining a dismissal of a DUI charge requires an experienced attorney on your side.

Without an experienced DUI attorney to guide you through the process, a DUI conviction can be life-changing.  It will effect your employment, applying to schools, and ruin your reputation.  We know the law and how to beat it.  Allow our experienced and successful Rhode Island DUI lawyers to fight for your rights!


If you’ve been charged with a first DUI in Rhode Island, you are facing RI DUIup to one year in jail.  Also, your license can be suspended for a period of up to 12 months.  You may even be required to attend DUI School and/or substance abuse counseling.

Without an experienced DUI attorney on your side, local prosecutors will often seek the most severe penalties.  Allow us to fight for you and limit the effects of a DUI.


If this is your second DUI offense, then you’re facing mandatory jail time.  This can include jail time of up to one year.  Additionally, your license can be suspended for up to two years.

Don’t let a DUI ruin your life.  Let us help you beat the case and limit the effects a DUI in Rhode Island has on your life.

Rhode Island DUI Attorneys

Whether you’re facing your first DUI offense, your second, or your 5th DUI offense, it is essential that you consult with the experienced DUI attorneys at Robert E. Craven & Associates today.  We can provide you with a free, confidential consultation. Call us today!

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