Arrested in Rhode Island – Part 2

Can I be detained by a police officer?
In Rhode Island, it depends.  The police may detain you for as long as it reasonably takes officers to conduct their investigation.  The extent and length of detention varies from case to case.  For example, you can expect to be detained for only a few minutes for a minor traffic stop.  Conversely, if an investigation of a more serious crime points to you, officers may detain you for a much longer period of time.

If you wanted to challenge the legality of the detention, your Rhode Island lawyer would have to prove that the detention was longer than necessary under the circumstances.  If a judge agrees, it’s likely that your case will be dismissed.  Moreover, you may have a civil claim against the police department.  In either case, you should speak to an attorney versed in both criminal defense law and civil litigation to fully address these issues.

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