Charged with “Obstruction” in Rhode Island? | RI Criminal Defense Attorneys

20th March 2016

If you’ve been charged with Obstructing an Officer in Rhode Island, call our criminal defense attorneys today for a free consultation.  Let our criminal defense experience benefit you! Obstructing an Officer in Rhode Island Rhode Island law criminalizes obstructing an officer in the execution of duty.  This is a misdemeanor offense, meaning the maximum penalty Read More

RI Criminal Defense Lawyers: Arrested in Rhode Island – Part 4

10th March 2016

The Rhode Island criminal defense attorneys at Robert E. Craven & Associates represent clients for all crimes throughout the state.  Our experienced and successful attorneys are prepared to vigorously defend you or your family member today. This is Part 4 of our criminal defense blog series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) about your rights during an arrest Read More

RI Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Craven Receives 10.0 Rating by Avvo, Inc.

27th February 2016

Congratulations to Rhode Island attorney Robert E. Craven for receiving a perfect 10.0 rating as “Top Attorney – Criminal Defense” by Avvo, Inc.  Avvo is a legal directory that ranks attorneys in each state according to their experience, reputation, successes, and reviews.  Attorney Craven was recognized for his work defending clients who have been charged with crimes throughout Rhode Island. If you Read More

Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyers – Settlement and Negotiation

20th February 2016

Let Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Work for You! Many of our Rhode Island personal injury clients are surprised at the amounts of money we are able to get them prior to trial.  In fact, most personal injury cases do not go to trial.  This is because insurance companies are afraid that a Rhode Island jury will Read More

Rhode Island Dog Bite Lawyer

12th February 2016

There are an average of 4.5 million dog bites per year in the United States.  These often result in personal injuries requiring emergency medical treatment.  If you’ve been bitten by a dog in Rhode Island, call our experienced Rhode Island dog bite lawyers today. Dog Bite Statistics According to the Center for Disease Control – Dog Read More

Charged with DUI in Rhode Island

6th February 2016

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Rhode Island, you should consult with an experienced DUI attorney immediately.  Even if this is your first arrest, the assumption that you’ll get off easy is often quite incorrect.  Prosecutors in Rhode Island take DUI charges extremely seriously and obtaining a dismissal of a DUI charge requires an experienced attorney on Read More

RI DUI Attorney Robert Craven Receives 10.0 Rating by Avvo, Inc.

2nd February 2016

Congratulations to Rhode Island attorney Robert E. Craven for receiving a perfect 10.0 rating as “Top Attorney – DUI” by Avvo, Inc.  Avvo is a legal directory that ranks attorneys in each state according to their experience, reputation, successes, and reviews.  Attorney Craven was recognized for his work representing DUI and Refusal clients throughout Rhode Island. If you or a loved one Read More

Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test – RI DUI & Refusal Lawyers

17th January 2016

If you’ve been charged with Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test in Rhode Island, you need an experienced, aggressive, and successful attorney on your side.  The attorneys at Robert E. Craven & Associates successfully handle DUI and Refusal cases on a daily basis throughout the state. Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test When Read More

RI DUI & Refusal Lawyers

13th January 2016

If you’ve been charged with Driving Under the Influence or Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test in Rhode Island, contact our attorneys today for a free consultation.  We can guide you through the process, present defenses on your behalf, and restore your ability to drive! Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Rhode Island Obtaining Read More

Personal Injury Attorney Robert Craven Receives 10.0 Rating by Avvo, Inc.

10th January 2016

Congratulations to Rhode Island attorney Robert E. Craven for receiving a perfect 10.0 rating as “Top Attorney – Personal Injury” by Avvo, Inc.  Avvo is a legal directory that ranks attorneys in each state according to their experience, reputation, successes, and reviews.  Attorney Craven was recognized for his work representing personal injury clients throughout Rhode Island. If Read More

Conditional Hardship Licenses in Rhode Island

6th January 2016

Getting a DUI in Rhode Island may no longer mean losing the ability to drive.   A recently passed law allows certain individuals convicted of Driving Under the Influence or Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test the privilege to drive to and from work.  This requires a hearing where a judge or magistrate may allow Read More

Rhode Island Defense Attorneys: Trespassing Defense Lawyer

6th May 2015

If you’ve been charged with Trespassing in Rhode Island, call our North Kingstown attorneys immediately.  The earlier our lawyers can work on your defense, the greater the likelihood that we can beat your trespassing charges. Rhode Island’s trespassing law states “Every person who willfully trespasses or, having no legitimate purpose for his or her presence, remains upon Read More

Criminal Defense Lawyer: Resisting Arrest in Rhode Island

4th May 2015

If you’ve been charged with Resisting Arrest in Rhode Island, please contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys immediately.  It is crucial that we begin working on your defense soon after your arrest. Rhode Island’s Resisting Arrest Law states that it is “unlawful for any person to use force or any weapon in resisting a legal Read More

RI Reckness Driving Defense Attorney

3rd May 2015

An arrest for reckless driving in Rhode Island is a serious matter.  Prosecutors throughout the state take this crime very seriously as they consider it a crime that puts the public in danger.  This is not a charge that you’d want to defend yourself and you should contact an experienced RI criminal defense attorney immediately. Read More

Rhode Island Vandalism Defense Attorney

1st May 2015

If you’ve been arrested for vandalism in Rhode Island, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your rights.  Having a vandalism charge on your criminal record is extremely detrimental and can result in losing out on opportunities in your life.  A vandalism charge on your record can unfortunately lead others to think you’re Read More

RI Defense Attorneys: Obstructing a Police Officer

30th April 2015

An increasingly common criminal charge in Rhode Island is Obstruction of a Police Officer.  Rhode Island law on obstructing officer in execution of duty states, “Every person who shall obstruct any officer, civil, military, or otherwise, including any state, city, or town police, deputy sheriff, or fire fighter, while in the execution of his or Read More

RI Defense Attorneys: Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

28th April 2015

One of the most common crimes in Rhode Island is Disorderly Conduct.  While this may seem like a minor crime, a disorderly conduct arrest is something you must take very seriously.  Allow our attorneys to defend you so that your arrest for disorderly conduct doesn’t affect your future. Disorderly Conduct, R.I. Gen. Law 11-45-1, is Read More

RI Defense Attorney: Suspended License Lawyer

27th April 2015

One of the most common cases in RI District Court is Operating on a Suspended License.  It is often a surprise for individuals to learn that a plea to Operating on a Suspended License results in a criminal conviction and will stay on their criminal record for at least five (5) years.  It could also prohibit you Read More

RI Expungement Lawyer: Remove Convictions, Filings, Probation from Your Record

26th April 2015

If you’ve been arrested in Rhode Island, it is very likely you have a criminal record.  You need your record expunged!  Having a criminal record will only be harmful and embarrassing for you and your family.  You need an experienced Rhode Island expungement attorney to remove those charges from your record as if it never Read More

DUI Defense Attorneys: Rhode Island’s New DUI Laws

26th April 2015

On January 1, 2015, Rhode Island implemented a new driving under the influence law.  The new law permits judges to shorten license suspensions following a DUI conviction if the motorist installs an ignition interlock system in his or her vehicle. An ignition interlock system is a device, installed in a car that requires the driver submit Read More

Rhode Island Veterans Court Attorneys

25th April 2015

If you are a present or former veteran who has been charged with a crime in Rhode Island you may be referred to the Rhode Island Veterans Court.  This relatively new concept in RI guides veterans through a court program which combines support services, treatment plans, and the judicial process.  The goal of RI Veterans Read More

Rhode Island DUI Attorneys

24th April 2015

Obtaining the services of an experienced DUI attorney in Rhode Island is crucial immediately after your DUI arrest.  With increased pressure on prosecutors and the courts, DUI charges are now treated more seriously than ever.  Unlike most other criminal offenses, those charged with a DUI often feel as though they’re presumed guilty until proven innocent. Read More

Attorney Robert Craven argues before RI Supreme Court

13th April 2015

On April 2, 2015, Rhode Island attorney Robert Craven argued before the RI Supreme Court.  The case dealt with the City of East Providence’s decision to deny a concealable weapons permit to an applicant.  Attorney Craven’s argument addressed the extent of Second Amendment Rights and the legal process by which an applicant is (or isn’t) Read More

Ignition Interlocks: RI DUI Law Strengthened in 2015

2nd January 2015

As of January 1st, Rhode Island’s driving under the influence laws are made tougher.  The new law gives judge’s the power to order those convicted of a DUI to install an ignition interlock system in his/her automobile.  An ignition interlock tests a driver’s blood alcohol level (similar Prior to the enactment of this new law, ignition Read More

Disorderly Conduct charge in RI | RI Criminal Defense Attorneys

18th November 2014

One of the most common criminal offenses in Rhode Island is disorderly conduct.  This broad statute encompasses most actions that disturbs, annoys, or bothers others.  However, a police officer’s opinion of “disorderly” often differs from the legal definition or fails to consider your rights, including First Amendment (Free Speech) rights.  As such, if you’ve been Read More

What is a “suspended sentence” in RI? | Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorneys

16th November 2014

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Rhode Island and have a criminal history, there exists a real possibility that you’ll be placed on a suspended sentence if you enter a plea. But what is a “suspended sentence” in Rhode Island? A suspended sentence is when a Rhode Island judge sentences a period of Read More

Do I Need a Last Will and Testament? | RI Estate Planning Attorneys

14th November 2014

It’s easy to say that estate planning can wait until later in life. However, the reason behind estate planning is that we do not know what tomorrow will bring. Our Rhode Island attorneys are increasingly seeing younger and younger clients looking for estate planning advice.  It’s never too soon to plan your estate. The simplest and Read More

Resisting Arrest | Have you been charged with resisting arrest in RI? Call our lawyers today

12th November 2014

We see resisting arrest charges with increasing frequency in Rhode Island.  Generally, you do not have the right to resist arrest. Our best advise for you is to simply obey the commands of police officers (even if you think they have no right to make such a command).  The rare instance where you may “resist” Read More

Injured in a Car Accident? | Be Prepared for Your Initial Consultation

12th November 2014

Have you been injured in a car accident?  At Robert E. Craven & Associates, we are happy to provide you with a free consultation.  To make the most out of your personal injury consultation, you should gather the following: All Relevant Documents — Bring any documentation of the accident with you.  At your initial consultation, our Read More

Arraignment Attorney in Rhode Island

9th November 2014

If you were arrested in Rhode Island, you likely were “charged” with a crime by the arresting police department.  This charge against you is likely in the form of a criminal complaint.  However, you haven’t been formally charged at that point.  The formal process of charging a defendant with a crime is known as an “arraignment.” Read More

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Rhode Island

6th November 2014

Domestic violence has been a focus of Rhode Island legislators in recent years with the passing of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act.  Punishments have been significantly strengthened and prosecutors are taking domestic violence cases extremely seriously (and rightfully so).  This may be in part to the unfortunate frequency that we see domestic violence in the Read More

A Review of the Ray Rice Prosecution | Domestic Violence Attorney RI

5th November 2014

Crimes involving domestic violence are handled very seriously by Rhode Island prosecutors.  For that reason, you need an experienced RI domestic violence attorney to protect your rights.  But what punishments does a defendant charged with domestic violence face? In recent days, and in light of the newly discovered video evidence, the prosecution of NFL player Read More

Car Accidents in Rhode Island | North Kingstown Auto Accident Attorney

23rd September 2014

Car accidents happen everyday in Rhode Island.  If you were involved in an automobile accident, you should immediately report the incident to the police and seek medical attention.  We often see clients chose not to get medical attention immediately after their accident only to suffer pain in the hours and days following the accident.  Especially with minor Read More

Slip and Fall Accidents | RI Personal Injury Lawyers

22nd September 2014

Slip and fall accidents are a significant cause of personal injuries in Rhode Island.  Injuries from slip and fall incidents range from very minor bumps and bruises to catastrophic losses.  What might be just an embarrassing incident at first, could become a serious personal injury within hours or days. In Rhode Island, slip and fall accidents most Read More

Overview: RI Personal Injury Lawsuits | Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer

20th September 2014

Rhode Island’s personal injury law is constantly evolving.  Our attorneys pride themselves on remaining cognizant of new law so that we can best advocate for our clients.  Below is a basic overview of RI’s personal injury law. Statute of Limitations Rhode Island has a three (3) year “statute of limitations” (a deadline) for filing suit in Read More

RI Man Charged with 4 DUIs in 36 hours! | North Kingstown, RI DUI Lawyer

19th September 2014

A Rhode Island man has been charged with four DUIs in just two days.  It made national news this week when 53 year old John Lourenco received the four misdemeanor charges in less than 36 hours. The timeline of these incidents are as follows: On Sunday morning, Lourenco struck an SUV with his pickup, injuring Read More

Batterers Intervention Programs | RI Criminal Defense Attorney

18th September 2014

In recent years, the Rhode Island legislature has strengthened its position on domestic violence.  Punishments have been stiffened and these cases are handled extremely seriously by prosecutors and judges.  Notably, a significant amount of prosecutorial and judicial discretion has been taken away, requiring judges to impose strict penalties in cases of domestic violence in RI.  For example, a Read More

Protective Orders in Rhode Island | North Kingstown RI Attorney

17th September 2014

There are two types of protective orders in Rhode Island: (1) No Contact Orders and (2) Restraining Orders. No contact orders are related to criminal charges.  Typically, an “NCO” is ordered by the judge at the defendant’s arraignment (that’s when the state’s charge is formally brought against the defendant).  A no contact order remains in effect Read More

Is parental discipline a crime? | RI Criminal Defense Attorney

15th September 2014

This weekend, the Adrian Peterson child abuse scandal shocked the sports world.  With it came discussion of race and culture in the context of disciplining one’s children.  However, the law isn’t written to distinguish between races. The law distinguishes between right and wrong.  So what is legal parental discipline under Rhode Island law? Rhode Island law Read More

Aaron Hernandez Suppressed Evidence | RI Criminal Defense Lawyer

14th September 2014

The concept of suppressing evidence is rampant in television portrayals of the legal system. But does evidence actually get suppressed? The answer is “yes,” but not without the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  There are many reasons why evidence should be suppressed but evidence does not get suppressed on its own.  It takes a Read More

Voter ID Law RI | Rhode Island Attorney and Political Candidate

13th September 2014

Election Day in Rhode Island is only two months away.  Are you aware of the law regarding voter identification in Rhode Island? The State of Rhode Island requires all voters to register to vote by October 5, 2014.  To register to vote, you must be (1) a US citizen, (2) a resident of the RI city/town Read More

Cyberstalking Attorney North Kingstown, RI | Criminal Defense Attorney RI

12th September 2014

Technology has unquestionably changed our daily lives. It has also changed the criminal law in Rhode Island.  One of the more frequent charges in Rhode Island district court is cyberstalking and cyberharassment (RIGL § 11-52-4.2). The law criminalizes the transmission of electronic communication (phone call, text, email, tweet, etc.) for the sole purpose of harassing the victim Read More

Car Accident Lawyer RI: What to do after an accident?

12th September 2014

Say you’re driving your car on the highway in Rhode Island and another motorist hits you. Chances are, you’re shaken up, assessing yourself for injuries, and concerned about the other driver’s wellbeing.  The decisions you make immediately following an automobile accident can have significant consequences on your legal claim in Rhode Island. What should you Read More

Oscar Pistorius Verdict – Legal Analysis | RI Criminal Defense Lawyer

11th September 2014

Early this morning, a South African judge ruled that now infamous track star Oscar Pistorius was not guilty of premeditated murder. However, Judge Thokozile Masipa reserved her verdict on the lesser included offense of “culpable homicide” until tomorrow.  While the judge was applying South African law, the equivalent of this offense in Rhode Island is manslaughter. Read More

RI Personal Injury Law: Pain and Suffering

10th September 2014

What is “pain and suffering”? If you are injured due to another person’s fault, one type of damage that the attorneys at Robert E. Craven & Associates will seek for you is known as “pain and suffering.”  As opposed to medical bills or lost wages, pain and suffering does not have a concrete dollar amount Read More

RI College Students’ Criminal Defense Lawyer

8th September 2014

This weekend at least 13 Providence College students were arrested.  Rhode Island is known for its universities, such as The University of Rhode Island, Brown University, Providence College, Rhode Island College, Salve Regina University, Bryant University, and Johnson and Wales University.  September is when Rhode Island’s universities return to school, when the bars fill up, police presence Read More

Whiplash Injuries in Rhode Island

8th September 2014

Many people involved in car accidents suffer whiplash injuries.  “Whiplash” is a term for the injury suffered from the quick back-and-forth snapping of the neck.  These type injuries are very often seen in automobile accidents.  Whiplash is what’s known as a soft tissue injury.  That means that it isn’t visible on x-rays but is nonetheless Read More

How much is my personal injury case worth?

7th September 2014

One of the first questions we receive from our personal injury clients is “How much is my case worth?”  This is a very important question for individuals who are injured due to the fault of another person.  In the law, we call this damages – the amount of money that can fix the harm caused to the plaintiff. Read More

Arrested in Rhode Island – Part 3

6th September 2014

What rights do I have after being arrested? Upon arrest, Rhode Island police officers typically will read you your Miranda rights.  It’s important to note that the police don’t have to read you these rights for an arrest to be valid.  This is a common misconception. Miranda rights are only necessary when the police intend Read More

Arrested in Rhode Island – Part 2

5th September 2014

Can I be detained by a police officer? In Rhode Island, it depends.  The police may detain you for as long as it reasonably takes officers to conduct their investigation.  The extent and length of detention varies from case to case.  For example, you can expect to be detained for only a few minutes for a Read More

Arrested in Rhode Island – Part 1

4th September 2014

When can you be arrested in Rhode Island? You can be arrested in Rhode Island for various reasons.  First, if an officer has reasonable grounds to believe you’ve committed a crime, he or she can arrest you.  Typically this involves the officer witnessing the criminal offense or it being reported to them while the crime Read More

Dog Bite Lawyer Rhode Island

2nd September 2014

Have you been bitten by a dog in Rhode Island? You may be interested to learn that Rhode Island has some of the most plaintiff-friendly dog bite laws in the country.  Rhode Island uses the “one bite rule” when a dog attacks someone in the dog’s enclosure.  However, outside of the dog’s enclosure (ie: in Read More

Personal Injury Lawyer South Kingstown RI

2nd September 2014

Young adults are heading back to school and the traffic to the University of Rhode Island (URI) in the morning is significant. Occasionally drivers will text while driving. Studies show that texting while driving is much more dangerous than drunk driving because in drunk driving the driver is at least looking at the road, although Read More

DUI Lawyer North Kingstown RI

29th August 2014

Good people can find themselves in difficult circumstances when they have been DUI Charge against them and a court date. We have successfully defended dozens of Rhode Island residents against this charge. To see if we can help you please give our office a call and set up a free consultation.

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